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How to download your ancestors from FamilySearch Family Tree into Legacy

Author: Jim Terry Reference Number: AA-00387 Views: 12879 Created: 2013-11-11 12:11 PM Last Updated: 2014-08-12 04:40 PM 0 Rating/ 2 Voters

Make sure that you have the newest update to Legacy Family Tree downloaded and installed. This is critical because this update has import new features that let Legacy connect to the Family Tree at FamilySearch. Please visit The following directions are written for the current version. They will not work or make sense if you have version or earlier. There are two ways to download from the FamilySearch into Legacy Family Tree:

• Creating a new family file by downloading your ancestors from FamilySearch Family Tree

1. Click on File > New File to open the Guided Startup Wizard.
2. Click on Download my family from FamilySearch.
3. Click on I want to sign into FamilySearch to download what the Church has about me and my ancestors and then Next Step.
4. Enter a name for your new family file, then click Save and a FamilySearch Login screen appears.
5. Enter your user name and password and click  Login.
6. Select either yourself or another person with a FamilySearch ID, set the number of generations to download and the other options you want; and then click OK.
7. When the download is finished, click the Close button.
8. Next, click the OK button to refresh Legacy and see the people you just downloaded.

• Downloading ancestors from within Legacy FamilySearch into an existing family file.

1. From Tasks in Legacy FamilySearch click the Import Tree button.
2. Select the starting person for the download. Enter his/her FamilySearch ID if needed (click Verify to check the ID you entered). Next click OK.
3. When the download is finished, click the Close button.