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Does Legacy Sync with Ancestry?

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Does Legacy sync with Ancestry or FamilySearch?

Ancestry - No. We'd love to sync with an Ancestry tree. If you, too, would like this functionality, please write to and let them know.

FamilySearch - Yes. Here's a class that shows you everything you'd want to know about it.

How to add to My Toolbar

You can add an button on your My Toolbar that will let you quickly select the Ancestry home page, upload to the Ancestry Online Family Tree, search or search Ancestry message boards.

1. Select My Toolbar on the menu and then click the Customize Toolbar button in the lower right corner. This will open the Customize Toolbar screen.

2. The Customize Toolbar screen has two parts:

• My Toolbar at the top of the screen
 Available Toolbar Buttons at the bottom of the screen

To add the button to My Toolbar drag and drop it to the desired location.

3. As soon as you release your mouse button the button will appear on My Toolbar at the top of your Customize Toolbar screen.

4. Next click OK and you are done.

Can I import my Ancestry tree into Legacy?

Yes. At, go to Trees > Create & Manage Trees > Manage Tree > Export Tree. This will create a GEDCOM file that can then be imported into Legacy using the import steps as listed at the following GEDCOM import guide. However, pictures will not be included. The work-around is to use your Family Tree Maker software to sync with your Ancestry tree, then follow import/export steps.