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Tips and How-To's

151 What happened to the export to Ancestry Online Family Tree option in Legacy 8?

The Export to Ancestry Online Family Tree was removed from Legacy 8, but you can still do it. It's just not as automatic as it used to be: 1. Click Export To / GEDCOM File from the File tab on the Ribbon bar. (Or press Ctrl-E) 2. Click on the Options tab.…

152 When was an individual's information last modified? When were my files last modified?

When was an individual's information last modified? When was my file last modified? • Last Modified Window The Last Modified window shows a grid displaying the date and time when the Husband, Wife and Marriage records were added and last modified, along…

153 Where is the Source Conversion tool?

The Source Conversion tool was never completed but was inadvertently included in the Legacy 7.0 manual. Geoff Rasmussen posted his suggestions on converting sources to the Legacy User Group mailing list in June. You can read his post in the archives at

154 Windows - basic computer instruction

It's important to have a basic knowledge of Windows to effectively use Legacy and do a little troubleshooting. To quote from the Legacy manual, "Our technical support staff can answer questions only about Legacy. Questions about Microsoft Windows... cannot…

155 Windows - definitions of basic terms (Computer Lingo 101)

A user only needs to see Merge on the toolbar or notice how many times Backup, Export, Import and, Family File appear on the File menu in Legacy to understand why he/she needs to know some basic "lingo". If a user doesn't understand what these terms mean,…