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Finding Your Customer Number

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A Legacy Customer Number will include dashes and look something like 91-234-567-89. Legacy customer numbers are version-specific. A version 9 customer number will start with a 9; a version 8 customer number will start with a 8, etc. In addition, a Legacy Family Tree 8 customer number will not unlock the deluxe features in Legacy Family Tree 9, etc.

1. The Customer Number would have been sent to you via email when you first purchased Legacy in the email with the installation directions, this number may be labeled customer number or serial number.  Check your Inbox, Deleted messages and Spam folder. Please note that a Customer Order Number is not the same as a Legacy Customer number.

2.  To find your customer number/serial number on our store, go to and at the top right click login and login with your information created when you created your account.  Once logged in, click My Account and under the orders section you can click the detail link for the order in question and this will show the full details of the order including the customer number/serial number.

3. If Legacy is installed on a computer and the deluxe features are unlocked, the Customer Number is in the family file information screen. To access the family file information screen, go to the Help menu bar at the top of Legacy, click the about Legacy button and select General Information from the following pop up.

If you find your customer number and you did not register it with our website, please take a moment to register it at

If you have further questions, please contact support at or our sales department at