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Backup & Restore - tips for restoring files

Author: Reference Number: AA-00281 Views: 28026 Created: 2013-11-07 12:03 PM Last Updated: 2017-02-27 06:47 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

• To restore a family file from a backup copy, please click on File and select Restore File or select Restore Family File (Legacy 7.5 and earlier).  Next, browse to your backup file and follow the screen prompts.

Legacy makes two kinds of backup files, data (family file) and multimedia (pictures, video, and other attached files). Only the data backup can be restored by going to File > Restore Family File. If you try a multimedia backup you will get a message that it does not contain a family file for restoring.

Multimedia files are restored using the Windows extractor or a program like WinZip. Click Here
for guidance with helpful screen shots. Please visit for a free video demonstration.

• If you click File and select Open Family File the screen is set to only show family files, which have a .FDB extension. It will not show backup files, which have a .ZIP extension.

• Backing up and restoring is an excellent way of moving your family file to a second PC or laptop.  Use a memory stick and backup in Legacy on the first PC and restore the family file in Legacy on the second. It makes a perfect copy -- nothing lost! Make sure to install Legacy on the second PC before you begin. For detailed instructions on how to move your file via backup go to the following guide:

• Please note, if you make no changes to your family file, Legacy will not prompt you to backup when you exit the program.

• If Legacy is never prompting you to make a backup when you exit, please reset the prompts and reminder message options.  Please visit Optional Reminder Messages and watch the free demo video.

• You can backup at any time in Legacy by clicking ‘File’ and selecting ‘Backup Family File’.

• Here's an easy, fool-proof way to burn files to a CD. First, save your backup files to your desktop screen:

   Next RIGHT click on the backup files and select Send To > CD-RW Drive (or DVD-RW Drive) from the popup menu. Follow the prompts that Windows shows you to burn the files to the CD.