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Moving Your Family File From One Computer to Another

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One of the most commonly asked questions of Legacy Technical Support is “How do I move my family file to another computer – my new laptop or my spouse’s computer?”  There are a couple of ways this can be done, but in all methods the first thing to do is to install Legacy on the second computer. We recommend that your Internet security and anti-virus programs be temporarily disabled. To download:


LEGACY 8 OR EARLIER: and download the final release (build) of your version. 

GRANT OF LICENSE. Millennia grants to you the right to use Millennia programs (the SOFTWARE) legitimately purchased from us. You may install it on more than one computer (such as a laptop) as long as there is no chance of more than one copy being used at the same time.

Once Legacy is installed on your new computer, backing up and restoring is an excellent way of moving your family file to a new PC or laptop. Just backup to a memory stick on the first computer and restore the family file in the Legacy program on the new computer. It makes a perfect copy – nothing is lost!

• Begin by backing up.

To Backup in Legacy Family Tree:

1. Insert your USB drive or a writable CD into your computer. 

2. Then visit How to Make a Backup to view a guide on how to make a backup in Legacy.

To Backup in  Legacy Family Tree 8 or earlier:

1. Insert your USB drive or a writable CD into your computer. 

2. Then visit for a guide on backing up in Legacy 7.5 or earlier. 

• The next steps are to restore your family file in Legacy on the other/new computer.

Click Here for the steps to restore a family file.

Click Here for the steps to restore a Media Backup file.

•  Dropbox

Some people like to use Dropbox to move Legacy files between computers. Please see the article Dropbox and Legacy.