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Same sex couples in Legacy 8

Author: Reference Number: AA-00549 Views: 27056 Created: 2013-11-19 05:07 PM Last Updated: 2017-04-20 07:28 AM 2 Rating/ 82 Voters

Legacy 9 now supports same sex couples.  You can find upgrade pricing for Legacy 9 here!

If you are still using Legacy 8 here is the work around to add same sex couples in Legacy 8:

After adding the couple in Legacy (one will be male the other female), make note of their RIN numbers and close the program. Next open the file in Microsoft Access. Here are the steps:

1. Start MS Access.
2. Click on File and select Open.
3. Type *.fdb in the File name field at the bottom of the window and press Enter on the keyboard. Access will now see all files with a .fdb extension.
4. Browse to the directory where the family file is saved and open it.

Change the gender of one of the partners:

1.  Open the table named tblIR.
2.  The IDIR field holds the RIN numbers.  Use these to find an individual.
3.  The Surname and GivenName fields are self-explanatory.
4.  The Gender field holds the sex of the individual: Male = "0” and Female = "1".
5.  Change the gender to be the same as his or her partner/spouse.
6.  Save the file and close Microsoft Access.

Check the same-sex partnership in Legacy.

1.  Open the family file in Legacy.
2.  Check the gender of each partner in their individual information window.
3.  Open the couple’s Marriage Information screen and change the Husband and Wife labels to the appropriate wording.

NOTE: This is not a perfect work-around. Some functions and reports may not work correctly. In addition, some add-on programs have have problems.