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Tagging - Advanced Tagging

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Advanced Tagging

Tagging is like putting sticky notes on the pages of a printed family history.  When you take the book to a photocopier, it's easier if the pages you want copied are tagged.  Tagging in Legacy is like that.  The Advanced Tagging window is used to quickly tag or untag families and/or other groups of people.  Entire lines can be tagged (or untagged) with the click of a button.  Tags can be used to mark specific groups people in your family file for:


• Printing Reports

• To-Do Lists

• Advanced Sourcing

• Advanced Deleting

• Potential Problems

• Legacy FamilySearch

• Search Lists

• Missing Sources
      and more...

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to learn about Tagging and the Advanced Tagging feature in Legacy.  Imagine the possibilities.  For more information about Advanced Tagging click the Help button. This webpage is meant only as a supplement to the Legacy Help file.  There is also a Webinar on Dates, searching, and tagging that you can watch free at

To turn on the Tagging option, click on Options > Customize > 1. General and go to 1.5 Tagging Options.  Next check mark Enable tagging options and click Save.  When the Tagging option is turned on, the tags will show in Family View ain the upper-right of the Husband or Wife box and in Pedigree View in the lower-left corner. There are nine tags levels in the Deluxe Edition of Legacy. There are only three tag levels in the Standard Edition of Legacy.


The Advanced Tagging window is reached by right-clicking on any Tag box or by choosing Tools > Advanced Tagging on the Ribbon bar.

The current individual's name is displayed in the upper-left box.  All tagging actions below are done with this individual in mind.  If you want to change to a different person, click the Change button on the right and select the new individual from the Name List.

The Tag 1 through Tag 9 checkboxes under the name show the current status of each of the nine tag levels.  You can tag or untag any of these by clicking on them.

Tagging or Untagging

Select either the Tag or Untag button to specify the type of action you want to accomplish.  All further actions will follow this command.


Use the up and down arrows on the Make Changes on # box to select the tag number to work with.  All further actions will affect this tag level.

Who to Tag


Individual: To tag or untag a specific individual, click the desired tag box below the individual's name at the top of the screen.

Family: The current individual and his or her spouse(s) and children.

s: You can tag or untag all the direct-line ancestors of the selected individual for a specific number of generations.

Everyone: Everyone in the entire family file.

Descendants: A person's descendants include the individual's children from every marriage, their children from all of their marriages and so on.

Everyone in Search List:
This option is only selectable when you start with a Search List and click on Options > Advanced Tagging.... (For information on Search Lists see Searching - Detailed Searches.)

Entire Family Line: This means all of the individual's ancestors and descendants. It includes everyone connected to the current person in any way by blood or marriage.

Clear All Tag Numbers For Everyone: This button removes all the tags on every level from every person in the family file.

Too Many Tagged People

Here are three important things to keep in mind if you get too many tagged people:

• Make sure no one has already been tagged for a different purpose on the tag level you choose.  Either untag that level or select an unused tag level.  If you don't you will end up with too many people, some who you don't want tagged.

• When in an Ancestor Options screen, select only Direct Line Ancestors and optionally you can check mark the three boxes under Direct Line Ancestors. Do not select Entire Ancestor Line. This option is exactly like adding an entire family line and will take everybody connected in any way to the individual -- up or down or sideways in his or her family tree.

• When in a Descendant Options screen, select only Descendants (includes all descendants). Do not select Entire Descendant Line. This option is exactly like adding an entire family line and will take everybody connected in any way to the individual -- up or down or sideways in his or her family tree.

Tag Descriptions

You can enter a descriptive phrase for each tag level to remind you of what you are currently using them for. 


Tags to Show on Name List

If you are using the Deluxe Edition of Legacy, you can select any three of the nine available tags to be shown on the Name List.  Click the Tags to Show on Name List button to select these tags. Next change the tag numbers and click Save
Now the tag columns in the Name List will display a different numbering instead of the default 1, 2, 3.