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Getting Started with the Volume One Legacy Training Videos on a Thumb Drive

Author: Ron Cannon Reference Number: AA-01034 Views: 5506 Created: 2016-02-25 11:35 AM Last Updated: 2016-02-25 11:35 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

Getting Started with the Volume One Legacy Training Videos

Thank you for purchasing the Volume 1 Legacy Training Videos. The following videos are on the thumb drive:

 Legacy for Beginners

 Names, Dates, and Places

 12‐Step Checklist

 Ultimate Guide to Sources

 Events and Chronologies

There is a simple menu system on the thumb drive that you can use to start each training video. Once a video is

launched, you can listen for a while and then click the Pause button to stop the video at any time to try what you

have learned in Legacy (which you can have running at the same time as the videos). Clicking on the Play button

continues the video where you left off.


1. Insert the thumb drive into a USB port. (It may take a couple minutes for your computer to automatically

install the thumb drive driver.)

2. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the thumb drive.

3. Double‐click on LegacyMenu. A menu appears where you can then watch any of the videos.

More Detailed Instructions

1. Insert the thumb drive into a USB port. A driver file may be installed which might take a couple minutes…

When you insert the thumb drive into a USB port on your computer, the thumb drive will be assigned a drive

letter. This is usually the next available letter after your hard drives and DVD players.

2. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the thumb drive. When you open Windows Explorer there should

be a panel on the left that includes a section named, "Computer." Under this section is listed all the available

drives on your computer. Probably the bottom line in the list reads something like, "Legacy Family Tree 8.0 (E:)"

(The drive letter may be different.) Click on that drive. When you do, the following files should appear in the

main panel on the right:










(You may not see the file extensions at the end of the filenames if your computer is configured not to show


3. Double‐click on the LegacyMenu.exe file (or just

LegacyMenu). A menu appears where you can then

watch any of the videos by clicking on the appropriate


When the videos are playing, if you hover over the video screen,

a chapter list will appear along the left side which lets you

quickly jump to any of the chapters in the video.

When you are ready to close the menu, just click the Exit