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How to import a PAF file

Author: Jairmie French Reference Number: AA-01075 Views: 7801 Created: 2022-06-06 01:11 PM Last Updated: 2022-06-06 01:11 PM 0 Rating/ Voters

How to import a PAF file into a new Legacy file:

1.  Open Legacy and close any pop ups or currently open files (file>close file in Legacy) so that your screen looks like the one below and select new file at the top left:

2.  In the following pop up, select import from another program:

3.  In the following pop up, select Personal Ancestral File (PAF) and click next step:

4.  In the next pop up select how you wish to find the file.  If you do not know where your file is located on your computer, you can have Legacy search your computer for the file as shown below:

5.  Once the list is created, select the file from the list and hit next step:

6.  In the "Enter a Name for the New Family File" screen name your new Legacy file at the bottom and hit Open at the bottom right:

7.  This will create a new Legacy file and start the PAF import process.  In the PAF import window, select the options you want and hit start the import:

8.  The import will start and once done click OK and it will open the new Legacy file with the data from the PAF file.