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Installing Legacy on a Mac or Linux computer

Author: Jim Terry Reference Number: AA-00417 Views: 44396 Created: 2013-11-11 05:28 PM Last Updated: 2016-08-11 07:20 AM 80 Rating/ 2 Voters

Running Legacy on a Mac..

We have 1,000’s of Legacy users running Legacy on a MAC. With that said,  currently Legacy is a Windows program.

We currently do not have a “MAC” version of Legacy that will install without the aid of an emulator or Windows installed. We hope to see a fully “MAC” compatible version of Legacy in the future.

Current version of Legacy and earlier versions will run on a newer Mac with an Intel chip and Parallels, VirtualBox, VM Ware Fusion or Bootcamp installed along with Windows.

Legacy 7.5 and earlier versions run well under WINE ( and CrossOver, which is the supported version of WINE, without needing to install Windows.

Legacy will work with CrossOver, but it only has a bronze rating which means there are some issues, for example the maps will not display. Legacy will also run with Parallels and Windows installed but brings up an unrecognized media path message each time Legacy is started, but once you click the error, it opens Legacy 8 just fine.

Need help on "How to change a Virtual Machine path into a drive letter?" go to our KB article for help

LINUX: Currently there is no version of Legacy for a Ubuntu/Linux system. This is something we may consider for the future. In the meantime, Legacy runs on Ubuntu/Linux with CrossOver software or VMWare or Sun's Virtual Box installed. For more information please see the Ubuntu forum at (requires registration)