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Sources - The Source Clipboard

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The Source Clipboard

The Source Clipboard is a feature in Legacy that can tremendously increase the efficiency with which you document the sources of the information you enter into your Family File.  The Source Clipboard holds a copy of the source citation you are currently working from. You can then record the source of each piece of information by simply clicking one button. Optionally, each source clipboard can hold up to five different citations which can all be pasted at once. This feature used to be in a previous version of Legacy and is now back by popular demand. 

Please backup before using the Source Clipboard because it is very easy to inadvertently add multiple sources citations to places and people you did not intend.

To open the Source Clipboard click the  Open Source Clipboard button on the left side of either the Individual Information screen (upper half) for someone, or on the left side their Assigned Sources screen (lower half).  For more information about the Source Clipboard click the  button. This webpage is meant only as a supplement to the Legacy Help file.

Showing and Hiding the Source tabs:

To show the Source tabs , click the button at the bottom of the screen and check mark Allow multiple sources on the clipboard.

The Source tabs will now show. Legacy can store up to 10 saved Source Clipboards.  Each clipboard can hold up to five citations on the tabs numbered Source 1 through Source 5.  The five Source tabs allow you to add multiple citations to an event at one time.  Tabs with an asterisk * hold citation information.

To hide the Source tabs, click the button and uncheck Allow multiple sources on the clipboard.

Adding and Removing Citations from the Source Tabs:

To add a source citation, select a Source tab to add the citation to (if the Allow multiple sources on the clipboard option is checked), otherwise start just with the Master Source you want to cite, and then add the Source Detail.  Click the button for the complete steps to add a citation.

To remove a citation from a Source tab, select the tab, then click the button.  (It's just above the button at the bottom of the screen.)
To the right of the  button you will see a large number 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 corresponding to the selected Source tab:

  (Source 2 is selected in this example.)

To clear all of the citations from the Source tabs on a clipboard, click the button at the bottom of the screen.

Quick Copy Existing Citations to the Source Clipboard:
You can copy the existing source citation showing for an individual in their Assigned Sources screen onto the Source Clipboard by clicking the  Copy Source to Clipboard button in the lower-left corner of their Assigned Sources screen.  When you do Legacy asks if you want to Copy/Overwrite Existing the entry.

Saving, Loading and Deleting Source Clipboards:

To save a Source Clipboard, click the  button at the bottom of the screen, highlight the position you want to save to, type a name in the Name box and click the Save button. 

You can save up to 10 different Source Clipboards, each holding up to five source citations that will all be added at one time to an event.  Remember, if five different source citations were added to the Source tabs, all five citations are being saved for that particular Source Clipboard

To load a Source Clipboard, click the button and the highlight a clipboard that you have previously saved and click the Load button.  If you want to only add one source citation from a Source Clipboard, clear the citations from the Source tabs that you don't want by using the  button.

You can delete any saved clipboard by highlighting its name and clicking the Delete button in the Load Source Clipboard screen.


Please backup before using the Source Clipboard because it is very easy to inadvertently add multiple sources citations to events you did not intend.

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