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International Language Fonts - Character Ribbon and Character Map

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Character Ribbon

When entering information, Legacy offers a feature to help you quickly enter international characters (letters with diacritics) like á é í ó ú ñ.  These preset characters on the Character Ribbon can be exchanged for other characters such as ç ø and ß as well as special characters not on the keyboard, like £ ® and ¼.  See Character Map below.

The Character Ribbon will hold up to eight characters that are displayed in a ribbon on all input screens. This ribbon can be turned off if not needed.  Click Help for additional information.  Whenever you need one of these letters within a field, simply clicking on one automatically fills it in where you are typing.

It's important to know that Legacy only supports Western European fonts (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and the Scandinavian languages).  The program does not support Unicode (Eastern European fonts, like Russian, Asian fonts, Hebrew, or any other non-Western European fonts). This situation may change at some time in the future.

For a work-around see Non-western European languages, fonts and character sets.

Character Map

The Character Map is also used to select characters that are not found on the keyboard.

The Character Map can be reached two different ways.  The first is by pressing F6 while in any input field.  Any characters selected from the Character Map are returned and enter at the current cursor position.  The second way to reach the Character Map is to click the  small blue button at the top of the Special Character ribbon on every input screen.  The map is then used to select up to eight characters to fill the ribbon.  The characters on the ribbon are then immediately available for adding to input fields.  Click on Help for more information.


How to Select Characters

Double-clicking on any characters in the list, copies the character up to the Characters to Return field at the top.  When selecting characters to place in an input field, you can choose as many as you want.  For example, if you wanted to enter the word posição you might first enter posi in the field, press F6 and then double-click on the letters ção.  This would put the remainder of the word in the Characters to Return field.  Clicking the Return Characters button would return the characters and finish the word in the input field.


If you are filling the Special Characters ribbon, double-click on up to eight characters that you will be using the most.  For example, á é í ó ú ñ.

Keyboard Strokes
Some users prefer using keyboard strokes to add international characters
without taking hands off the keyboard.  By highlighting a character on the Character Map you can see the strokes that can be used to enter a character. For example, to enter the country Prueßen (Prussia) you might first enter Prue in the field, then hold down the Alt key while pressing 0223 and finish by entering en.

Ti watch the free video demonstration, please visit Using the Character Ribbon.

International Versions of Legacy

To learn more about international versions of Legacy, please visit