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Error 3163 when opening/converting family file in Legacy

Author: Reference Number: AA-00724 Views: 28511 Created: 2013-12-16 12:12 PM Last Updated: 2016-05-27 10:05 AM 0 Rating/ Voters

If you get error 3163 when opening and converting a family file in Legacy Family Tree:

1. Start over in your previous version of Legacy. It should still be installed on your computer.

2. Open the original, unconverted version of the family file or restore it from the new backup copy made in Legacy.

3. Run File Maintenance - Check/Repair.  Click on File> File Maintenance > Check/Repair and follow the prompts. If the error messages occur during the Check/Repair process, click No to continue with the repair. You can also try clicking Yes in some instances.

  1. Ignore the Error.Log (if any) created by this first pass though Check/Repair. Run Check/Repair a second time.
  2. If there is no Error.Log go right to step 4.
  3.  Ideally there should not be any Error.Log after the second pass, which means your family file is in good shape. However, if there is still an Error.Log, being created, you must manually fix any errors listed.

4.  The reality is that Check/Repair does not always find every problem in a family file, so next export all your records into a new Legacy family file:

  1. Click File on the menu bar and select Export To from the file menu.
  2. Choose Legacy File from the submenu and proceed.
  3. Give the file you will export to a new name and click Save.
  4. The Export screen will open. Please click the large Start Export button. (If you get a message about sources, click Don't Assign a Source.)

5. Try opening the new family file in Legacy Family Tree. It should open and convert without error 3163.