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Tips and How-To's

31 Dropbox and Legacy

There are several good Dropbox guides on the Internet: • • • If you have a Webinar…

32 Event Clipboard

You can use the Event Clipboard to copy and paste a Fact/Event from one person to another. To copy an Event to the clipboard: 1. In the Event screen, click the copy button (it’s the left button below the Help button on the right side of the Event screen).…

33 Event Narrative Formatting in Reports

Event Narrative Formatting (Deluxe Edition only) When printing book style reports you have several choices concerning the formatting of the sections having to do with individual and marriage events. There are two different styles and variations of each: Use…

34 Event Sentences - Overriding

Overriding the Master Event Sentence (Deluxe Edition only) There may be cases where the sentence definition for the event you are using does not produce a sentence that is exactly right for the current entry. In this case you can override the master sentence…

35 Family View - Changing the Burial label to Cremated

Step 1 Step 2 You will need to do this for each person that needs to have the label change.

36 File Import and Clean Up

Import the gedcom into a *new* Family File. This is very important and makes it much easier to clean up the file and verify that you really want all the information that’s in the gedcom to be imported into you main Family File. If you have a Legacy Family…

37 File Size Limit for Family File

The Legacy program uses the Microsoft Jet Database Engine which limits the size of a family file to 2 GB.

38 Finding and Fixing Broken Media Links

Finding and Fixing Broken Media Links Being able to link to media from within Legacy is a great way to bring life to your family file. Sometimes, however, one or more of the links to the media files gets broken. Legacy has a way for you to find these broken…

39 Finding build information - What version do I have?

A full build number includes some additional digits behind the version number. This is useful in troubleshooting as a problem may have been resolved in a more recent update. In all versions of Legacy through v7, you can find when the most recent update was…

40 Free Legacy 7 Beginners Video Training

If you are new to Legacy, we recommend that you watch the free "Legacy for Beginners" training video at We think that you will find it very helpful.